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Pré-formation U14 and U15


DESCRIPTION (born in 2007 and 2006)

The Manic Football Club is composed a pré-formation squad U14-15. This program prides itself on creating a culture of learning and development to achieve excellence

We hold each other and every member of Manic FC to the highest standards, making ourselves, and the people around us better, in every aspect of life.  We pride ourselves on the fact that discovery comes from following the belief that the process is more important than the end product.

The Manic FC ensures that their players learn life values such as commitment, sacrifice, discipline, humility and the desire to work hard.  It is the goal that Manic produces the highest quality PEOPLE. People who are high-level soccer players, and people who through sport have learned life lessons to deal with success, failure, and overcoming adversity in their future endeavors, on and off the field.


This program consist of 4 to 5 football related activities per week. Per example, a player could have 4 training sessions and a matches. In another week, a player could have 2 training sessions, a strength and conditioning session and game. The ID sessions will be held in April and the program will run from May to October 2021.

Click here for tentative SUMMER schedule for U14 to U15

Fees cover the following services :

  • Taxes
  • Player Insurance
  • Player Summer Registration
  • Office Management and Administration
  • Office Rental & Utilities
  • Coaches Yearly Honorarium
  • Website/Marketing
  • College ID/Scholarship program
  • Referee Fees
  • Coaching & Referee Development
  • Field rental costs
  • Equipment such as cones nets, corner flags, game balls, pinnies, portable mini nets

Team Fees :

  • Tournament Entry fees (outdoor)
  • Travel permits and any other administrative fees pertaining to the team
  • Coaches out-of-town travel expenses
  • Team Building Activities and other miscellaneous team expenses as approved by the team’s Head Educator, in consultation and approval with the Club Sporting or Technical Director.
  • Team Fees are those that cover additional costs incurred by the team and are determined by the budget set by each team at the start of the season.
  • Team Fees are paid directly to the team manager via cash or cheque and teams will construct their own payment schedule.

Payment Uniform & Equipment :

Only the Club Approved Macron Uniforms are to be worn by competitive players and coaches.

  • Uniforms and Track Suits are purchased on a 2-3 year cycle.

Each player is responsible for purchasing his/her own:

  • Team Uniforms (Home & Away)
  • Track Suit
  • Backpack
  • Training Kit / Equipment (T-Shirt, Shorts & Socks)

Payment for uniforms and equipment is the responsibility of the player. All Macron required uniforms and equipment can be purchased on our Online Store and at the Macron Dorval Store.


From March to October

    • Train 4x a week (weekdays) following a professionnal soccer curriculum adapted to each squads
      • 90 minute training session
    • Minimum of 18 high-level games (weekends)
      • 90 minute games
    • Participation in events that will give exposure to the players
    • PlayerMaker Uno tracking for each training sessions and games
    • Access to all games recordings and some training session
    • Weekly and monthly retroaction sent to the players
    • Sports Therapist available for all players and present at every event


To join the Academy, a player must be selected by our technical staff during one of our ID sessions. It is also possible to integrate the Academy at anytime if formally invited to do so by our Sporting Director.


Exact dates to be added!