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Montreal Manic FA’s Frequently Asked Questions List

What Is Manic FA?

The Montreal Manic FA is a non-profit organization that is curriculum-based with a focus on education as well as player development and technique.  Our main goal is to develop players all the while focusing on their academics and progress.

Are Girls Permitted To Enter The Program?

Yes, starting this fall Manic FA will launch it’s Elite girls program. Evaluation camps for U7 – U14 will begin in September 2020

Will I Have To Leave My Club Or Academy?

No. The players who train with Montreal Manic FA can train with their other respective clubs.

Can Parents Watch?

Parents are permitted to watch from the sidelines of the field.  However, we do not wish to encourage parent involvement during training sessions because the child will focus more on the parent than the session.

What Skill Level Is Required To Join The Program?

The program is open to all skill levels but it is for players who are serious about soccer. We are looking for enthusiastic kids who have aspirations to play soccer at a higher level.

Will I Get To Play With My Teammates?

Players will be grouped by ages the first day of each program.  The coaches and technical staff will assess the groups and move participants around based on their development.  The groups are designed to be developmentally accurate and players will be placed according to where the coach and technical director feel they will develop most.

What Should I Bring/Wear To Training?

Every Montreal Manic FA player should bring their water bottle to training.  Shin guards are also a must.  Each player will receive a full training and game kit.  Training kit will include shirt, shorts and socks.

Is Year-Round Participation Necessary?

Montreal Manic FA have various programs ranging from 8 to 10 months. Each program has its own schedule.

Will The Manic FA Play Matches?

Yes, each category will have a game schedule. Depending on the age category teams will be matched up against, USA Prep-Schools, Private Academies, Club Teams. Teams will also participate in 1 tournament per season.